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We transform personal accounts into extraordinary tales

Tell My Story is an audio production company that creates professional and personalized stories for people about milestone moments in their lives (think: engagements, birthdays) or full legacy stories. The company was created by Molly Getman as she brainstormed unique gift ideas for family and friends that incorporated her passion for audio storytelling. Now anyone anywhere can have their personal story told in an engaging and memorable way. She is fortunate enough to team up with her husband, composer Josh Getman, for all custom music. 

About the Company

About Me

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Tell Your Story?

Engagement stories!

Birthday stories!


Retirement stories!


Every milestone moment in your life can be transformed

into a beautiful audio storY!

"Wow - that was absolutely amazing! We love it. You really captured our story (and our personalities too)! Your narration and the music - everything was just 'top-notch.'” - Margaret, New York 

What listeners think...

"We are DELIGHTED with this. Oh my word. We are so besotted with it in every way. ...What a pleasure -- what a gift! -- to have our story told in this beautiful way. You have an amazing talent. We're so grateful to you. Thank you for all the work you put into this." - Emma, Washington D.C.

"It was AMAZING!!!! We cannot thank the both of you enough. It was incredibly sweet and something we will cherish forever." - Rene, New York

"We were really just blown away by the (story). It's a gift that we'll treasure." - Michael, North Carolina

"Her story made me cry and gave me chills at the same time.  Molly's work is amazing!  Her stories remind me of NPR - but they are even better. " - Stacey, New Jersey

What Listeners Think

"I can't wait to give my mother her Tell My Story. Her great-grandchildren will never really know her, but now they'll get to hear her stories in her own voice. Molly intersperses little comments that move the stories along, and the music provides a truly professional touch. Fabulous!" - Ron, New York

"We have been thrilled with Molly and her team's work on two audio stories.  One story was about my grandmother's life and the other was about our daughter's birth.  Both stories were expertly crafted and superbly done.  Molly was very easy to work with and made the process straightforward.  Could not recommend more highly!" - Dan, California

"I gifted my sister and her husband a Tell My Story for their wedding and I'm so pleased with how it turned out! Molly interviewed both of them long-distance over the phone and although I wasn't on the call, I can tell by the sound bites that she has such a gift for bringing out excellent tidbits and making the interviewees feel comfortable in sharing the more vulnerable parts of their story! ...I always love finding something that isn't a material item, but instead provides a marker in time and is high on sentimental value- I know they will cherish this for decades to come." - Sarah, New York



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